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Summer Trading Hours - March 2015
Please note that the time in North America will revert back to Summer time on 8th March 2015 (Sunday).
The Market opens on Sunday 22:00 GMT and ends at 20:30 GMT on Friday.
Holiday Trading Hours- February 2015
Please be informed that due to US Holiday (Washington's Birthday), Market operation hours will be as follows:
Market will close on Monday, 16th Feb 2015, 18.00hrs (GMT) and will resume on Monday, 16th Feb 2015, 23.00hrs (GMT).
NEW Hudson Global Capital Online Trading
General, 15th October 2008 (0930hrs GMT) - Hudson Global Capital has completed upgrading its current Etrade (internet trading platform) to a more robust, secure and faster system with an improved user interface. You will also enjoy better interactivity and enhanced reliability.

Please take note of the following:

- All existing Etrade online customers would have previously received a notification containing their new User ID by June 2007. Please feel free to email us at or click to speak to our online Service Advisor for any further clarification on the migration process.

- The current Etrade online trading portal will be decommissioned and taken out of production on 29th October 2008.

- If you have opened your Etrade account after 19 August 2007, you will not be affected by this migration process as your account will be opened in the new system.

- During this migration period, our helpdesk may experience an overwhelming volume of enquiries. If you have difficulty contacting through, please drop us an email and we will get back to you promptly.
  Last Bid Ask Change High Low Time
EUR/USD 1.1203 1.1203 1.1209 0.0001 1.1258 1.1201 02:47:28
GBP/USD 1.4989 1.4989 1.4992 0.0000 1.4993 1.4991 02:47:28
USD/JPY 117.79 117.79 117.79 -0.68 118.73 117.53 22:35:51
USD/CHF 0.8806 0.8806 0.8810 0.0099 0.8813 0.8675 21:00:57
AUD/USD 0.7904 0.7904 0.7908 0.0000 0.7951 0.7903 02:47:28
EUR/JPY 132.14 132.14 132.24 -2.47 135.06 130.89 21:07:56
GBP/JPY 176.54 176.54 176.57 -1.26 178.51 176.13 22:35:51
USD/CAD 1.2419 1.2419 1.2420 0.0001 1.2438 1.2386 02:47:28
GBP/NZD 2.0096 2.0096 2.0105 0.0096 2.0156 1.9927 21:07:54
EUR/NZD 1.5042 1.5042 1.5048 -0.0096 1.5168 1.4880 21:07:57
XAU 1,293.88 1,293.88 1,294.81 -0.20 1,294.90 1,293.95 02:47:28
XAG 18.27 18.27 18.32 -0.05 18.39 18.07 21:55:51
DJ 17,589 17,586 17,588 -148 17,795 17,576 22:22:38
SP 2,043.25 2,043.25 2,043.50 -13.25 2,062.50 2,042.75 22:21:05
ND 4,051.25 4,050.75 4,051.50 -37.75 4,074.75 4,041.50 06:48:49
CRUDE 45.59 45.28 45.45 -0.71 47.70 45.25 02:47:28
GAS 2.986 2.870 2.985 0.151 2.990 2.860 02:47:28
Weekly Review and Outlook: Dollar Broadly Higher, Boosted by Other Dovish Central Banks - 19:40 2015/01/24
Dollar ended the week as the strongest major currency after another week of dovish central bank driven volatilities. Euro dived to 11 year low against dollar and 7 year low against Sterling as ECB's quantitative easing program far exceeded market expectations. The common currency was additionally weighed down by uncertainties
Mid-Day Report: Euro Extends Weakness ahead of Greek Election - 22:01 2015/01/23
Euro extends recent decline today and took out 1.12 handle to as low as 1.1131 so far against dollar. Reactions to ECB's massive quantitative easing program is a major reason for the selloff. In addition, Euro is weighed down further by concern over the snap election in Greek on the
European Session: Orders and Options Watch - 17:15 2015/01/23
EUR: The single currency extended yesterday's sellofff and bids at 1.1460-65, 1.1420-25, 1.1400, 1.1315-25 and 1.1270-80 were filled, mixture of bids and stops at 1.1240-50 is in focus, however, some buy orders are expected at 1.1200-10. On the upside, offers are lowred to 1.1300-10 and in good size at 1.1350-60,
Daily Report: Euro Stays Weak after ECB Massive Easing - 11:16 2015/01/23
Euro weakened broadly over night after ECB launched a massive expansion in the asset buying program that is worth over EUR 1T. EUR/USD extended recent fall to as low as 1.1314 so far while EUR/JPY hit 134.20. ECB's announcement triggered Denmark central bank to cut rates for the second time
Mid-Day Report: Euro Plunges as ECB Launches Trillion Euro QE - 22:50 2015/01/22
Euro weakens broadly after ECB president Mario Draghi said the central bank "decided to launch an expanded asset-program encompassing the existing purchase programs of ABS and covered bonds". ECB will start buying EUR 60b in assets per month in March, until September 2016. That include government bonds, debt securities issued
Daily Report: Euro Range Bound as Markets Await ECB QE - 15:25 2015/01/22
Euro stays in tight range against dollar and yen as markets away ECB announcement and press conference. ECB would likely announce a new round of QE measures including government bond purchases. Over the past week, the consensus was that the worth of the program would be around EUR 500b. Yet,
USD/CAD Surges as BoC Cut Rates - 23:47 2015/01/21
We've got another central bank surprise today. Totally unexpected, Bank of Canada Lowers the overnight rate by 25bps to 0.75%. Correspondingly the Bank Rate and Deposit Rate are lowered to 1.00% and 0.50% respectively. BoC said in the statement that "this decision is in response to the recent sharp drop
Mid-Day Report: Sterling Lower after BoE Minutes, Dollar Mixed - 21:54 2015/01/21
Sterling weakens mildly today after BoE meeting minutes further affirmed the expectation that the central bank won't raise rate this year. Meanwhile, Yen stays firm after BoJ lowered economic projections. Meanwhile, dollar is mixed in early US session. US building permits dropped to 1.03m annualized rate in December while housing
Daily Report: Yen Mildly Higher as BoJ Stood Pat, Revised Economy Projections - 14:51 2015/01/21
The Japanese is mildly higher today as this week's pull back lost momentum. BoJ maintained its monetary policy unchanged in January but trimmed both growth and inflation outlooks. The central bank cut its core CPI forecast, for the current year ending March 2015, to 0.9% from previously projection of 1.2%.
Mid-Day Report: Yen Crosses Higher With Stocks - 21:49 2015/01/20
The Japanese yen retreats against other major currencies today as stock markets strengthen in spite of mixed economic news. IMF lower global growth projection of 2015 to 3.5% and that of 2016 to 3.7%. That compared to prior forecast of 3.8% and 4.0%. IMF chief economists said that "new factors